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aSugarDating statement


aSugarDating is not an escort service. AsugarDating in no way, shape or form supports escorts or prostitutes using our website for personal gain. Profiles suspect of this usage will be addressed by the AsugarDating Misconduct Team and banned from our website


Never send money to anyone you just met using Western Union, even if they are in the US, UK or Canada. There are reports of Sugar Babies asking for travel expenses and disappearing once they receive the money. No matter how much he or she may blame you for not trusting them, NEVER SEND MONEY to a stranger.


Any messages involving Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Russia and wiring money, online escrow services, western union, or cashiers checks are definitely scams and should be ignored. Do not be fooled no matter how convincing the story is or how beautiful their photos may be.NOTE: NEVER GIVE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT INFORMATION TO ANYONE.


Please do not accept or use personal checks as a form of fund transfer with someone you do not know well since the check may be fake, bad or it may bounce. If you receive a personal check, remember to make a copy before you cash the check. If you are a victim of a bounced or bad-check, please note that writing bad-checks is a felony offense and we encourage you to report the incident and the offender to your local or federal law enforcement authorities.


If you are asked to accept payments, or accept shipment, for someone located overseas or someone you have never met in person, please DO NOT BE FOOLED no matter how convincing they are. Identity theft schemes involve foreigners pretending they have fallen in love with you, then asking you to help them in their schemes to launder stolen money or stolen goods.


Please do not malicious personal attacks,Otherwise you may be subject to suspension
Keep be a gentleman,you will get girls' favored more easy.
The purpose of this site is to give generous members access to attractive people they normally would not be able to meet. Generous members are paying for an opportunity to win over our attractive members, and are only paying for that first date. Therefore, we do not accept any profiles from escorts. is strictly an online dating service for people who are looking for a dates. This is not an escort site, nor will we permit any type of escorting on this site.